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About Us

What if every time a social problem is surfaced, everyone in the room immediately starts thinking about what they can do to help solve the problem? What if for every societal problem, we can confidently say "There's a groundup for that"? What if every time you face a problem, you know you can be the solution?

When we started on our groundups journey back in 2016, this was what we set out to achieve. We're not there yet (or we'd be out of business), but what we've seen so far has fuelled us to keep going.

We've seen complete strangers come together to bring smiles to the faces of those around them. We've seen people invest time and money into solving social problems, work that often defies logic and returns. We've seen aspiring social starters actually go on to start their own groundups and community projects, creating impact around the causes they care about.

All of these gave us the confidence to immerse ourselves in the groundup space and we built up our knowledge in the area, providing an avenue for individuals to bounce off their ideas, a community where social starters can meet like-minded peers, and even an incubator programme to journey alongside budding groundups.


So now the question is, what will you start?