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Eleanor, the founder of Ageless Online (PHOTO: AGELESS ONLINE)

In this edition of Groundup Features: we speak with Eleanor, founder of Ageless Online. Eleanor shares more about her passion for celebrating the senior community and how COVID-19 has impacted her events.

Hello Eleanor, please introduce yourself!

I am a freelance writer/editor, and an advocate for seniors for 20 years. 


Why were you inspired to start Ageless Online?

I had been running a seniors' magazine back in 2000 and started two other seniors' magazines with a business partner in 2006. Ageless Online, which was started in 2009, was about going back to what I was really passionate about – ageing and celebrating the community. 


What keeps you going?

What keeps me going? To be able to continue telling the stories of seniors and celebrating them (and not forgetting about them), and learning from them as there is just so much to learn :)


How has COVID-19 impacted your initiatives?

COVID-19 has impacted our Makan with Seniors programme, as it is a face-to-face event. It is ok, as I do not want to put the seniors at risk. 


With face-to-face events coming to a halt, how then did you adapt in supporting seniors through this pandemic?

I started Project BUDDY during the circuit breaker where volunteers make weekly calls to lonely and isolated seniors. We have helped over 70 seniors since April. Our collaborator is U 3rd Age and our supporter is Council for Third Age.


Lastly, how do you hope your initiative helps Singapore become the City of Good?

I hope that Ageless Online and my other initiatives (FACEUP, Makan with Seniors, Time Traveller and Project BUDDY) can help to break down stereotypes about seniors, bring more understanding about seniors so we can care more, and create a more inclusive society. We must remember that we all will grow older and it really is our future so we should care as how we treat others will be how we are treated.


* This feature has been edited for clarity


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