Groundups are all about the people and as your groundup grows, it is important to ensure that the people grow along with it. From leadership development to functional capability development, check out the various personal growth opportunities for yourself and your core volunteers!

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National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

The S.T.A.R. Mentorship Programme (Sense. Transform. Affirm. Reflect.) is a mentorship programme for Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) leaders. It aims to provide a platform for experienced NPO leaders to share their knowledge and expertise with new NPO leaders.

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National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

Groundup Sandbox is a non-profit incubator programme that serves as a launchpad for individuals to jumpstart their ideas to do good. Alongside seed funding, we have curated a series of workshops, networking and mentorship opportunities to help bring your ideas to life.

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National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

The Groundup Leadership Huddle aims to build the leadership capabilities of those who are leading groundups. Very often, groundup leaders are "accidental leaders" facing unique challenges. Through small, intimate gatherings in a series of facilitated sessions, groundup leaders learn from each other and from the facilitation insights to become better leaders.



National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

Groundups often carry out their activities in partnership with other organisations, and that is what makes learning about effective collaboration so important. If you've been thinking about how to be more intentional in building your collaborative muscle and develop the skillsets to work more effectively with partners, the Collaboration Learning Lab could be just what you need!



National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

Groundup Connexion is a series of workshops that take place on a quarterly basis, designed to build the capabilities of groundup founders and core volunteers. We invite experts within our community to share their knowledge, and what's great about the whole experience is that you get to learn and grow whilst meeting like-minded individuals and fellow groundup leaders!