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Collaboration Learning Lab

Collaboration Learning Lab

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Groundups often carry out their activities in partnership with other organisations, and that is what makes learning about effective collaboration so important. If you've been thinking about how to be more intentional in building your collaborative muscle and develop the skillsets to work more effectively with partners, the Collaboration Learning Lab ("Lab") could be just what you need!

The Lab’s content and materials will be based on the Colabs’ principles and phases to complement other collaboration frameworks such as systems thinking and design thinking.

In the medium term, this Lab is envisioned to transition and grow into an organic Community of Practice (COP) for and by trisector collaborators to learn from experts and from each other, share best practices, meet familiar and new partners, and exchange offers/requests related to multi-stakeholder collaborations. 

Express interest if you are:

  • Leading partnership engagements in your groundup (up to 2 individuals per groundup)

  • Interested in collaborating with organisations across the public, private and people sectors

  • Open to mutual sharing of perspectives and hands-on learning

Commitment required:

  • 8 x 3 hour sessions over a period of 6 months

  • Sessions held during working hours on weekdays

  • Starts in the week of 25th October 2021

  • Exact schedule TBC


  • Free-of-charge



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