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Groundup Leadership Huddle

Groundup Leadership Huddle

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The Groundup Leadership Huddle aims to build the leadership capabilities of those who are leading groundups.


Very often, groundup leaders are "accidental leaders" - they start an initiative with a focus on solving a social issue, but realise that as their groundup grows and gains traction, they suddenly have people looking to them for direction. They may not have been prepared for the challenges that come with leadership, and as their work evolves, they often find themselves struggling with leading others - a role that they may have never envisioned themselves being in.


And the challenges they face as leaders are unique - everyone in the groundup is a volunteer, themselves included. How does a volunteer leader inspire others to come onboard to fight alongside them for their chosen cause? How does one volunteer then motivate and influence another to carry out the tasks required, while at the same time upholding certain standards and quality? How does a volunteer tell another that their services are no longer required?


Without the mechanism of monetary incentives nor hierarchy, groundup leaders grapple with finding effective ways to lead their groundup.


This is what the Leadership Huddle seeks to address - through small, intimate gatherings in a series of 4 facilitated sessions, groundup leaders learn from each other and from the facilitation insights to become better leaders.



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