Sat, 14 Sep | The Ground Theatre @ *SCAPE

TEDxYouth@Singapore 2019: Future of Us

“We believe that small acts can shape big realities” Come participate in this thought-provoking day as we hope to educate & inspire youths on important societal issues. With diverse speakers bringing expertise & passion, be empowered by knowledge and fuel your passion to ignite change.
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TEDxYouth@Singapore 2019: Future of Us


14 Sep 2019, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
The Ground Theatre @ *SCAPE , 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978


Themed “Future of Us”, we hope to educate and inspire youths to understand important issues that are prevalent in Singapore society. While the concept of change often appears daunting, we would like the youth to realise and understand that the beginning of progress is a small step that anyone can take. With a diverse group of speakers, each with expertise and passion in their respective fields, we hope that our lineup can catalyse thought and action amongst us, the youth in Singapore. In this age of disruption and flux, we believe that it is essential for one to continuously take part in both learning and unlearning, overcoming preconceived notions of one’s capacity as an individual. Through a thoughtfully curated list of talks, we envision a future created by the collective action of individuals empowered by knowledge and fuelled by passion to ignite change for the better. Click here to find the list of speakers.

eXtraordinary and eXceptional

In this selection of talks, the speakers share their eXtraordinary stories of fortitude. They have conquered the curveballs life has thrown at them and truly embody the quintessential qualities of resilience and grit. Give them your attention as they bring you on their eXceptional journeys, from scaling the mountains to rebuilding a life after a close shave from death. Today, these eXceptional and eXtraordinary individuals with even bigger stories to tell challenge you to dream big and bold for your future.

The Great eXpectations

How do we make our eXpectations a reality? In this selection of talks, speakers from diverse fields and professions share with you their great eXpectations and how they have made their eXpectations a reality for themselves. They invite you to think of your own eXpectations and envision a future of your own through theirs. Expect to discover the importance of human connection in everyday life; see life through the lens of food with a colorectal surgeon; step into the shoes of someone who fulfilled a dream that was not his to begin with; challenge your expectations of being ‘plan-less’; and think from the perspective of a chef who is committed to reducing food waste through artificial intelligence.

eXpress and eXperiment

Avant-garde. Unconventional. Free-spirited. A deviant or a trailblazer? These speakers defy definitions and categories and thrive in the realms beyond conventions. They are eXperimental with the mediums through which they tackle big topics such as grief and mental health, and have forged their unique identities through eXpressing themselves in unconventional ways. This selection of talks brings to you an eclectic collection of stories, reflecting the abundant possibilities that exist out there. Through these stories, the speakers urge you to get your hands dirty – be eXperimental with your future and eXpress who you are!

Terms and Conditions: For full time students and NSFs, a valid student pass or 11B is required upon admission. Tickets are non-refundable.