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Abhishek started and runs 6th Sense, a volunteer group comprising of community workers, art educators, architects, engineers, among others, each bringing their gifts to serve residents of lower-income flats at Kebun Baru. They conduct bi-monthly self-expression sessions for children as their befrienders. They also organise a mother's circle which functions as a support group for the mothers.

The team used to conduct monthly art sessions in 2017 and 2018 at various rental blocks across Singapore, but subsequently felt it was better to focus their efforts in one place for an extended period of time. Abhishek was fortunate to experience life as a Community Worker with Beyond Social Services in 2018 through which he was attached to a team operating in Kebun Baru. After leaving Beyond Social Services, he continued on with the same group of children and even expanded the program for their mothers.

There were definitely moments where Abhishek felt it was very challenging to carry on, especially when he and his team were thinking about their sessions and seeking funding for it. What helped was getting calls from the children of Kebun Baru asking when they will go down to play with them. That kept him motivated and kept him in touch with the emotion of why they were running this initiative.

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