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Adrian Tan & Greg Tan


Adrian and Greg co-founded and run SG Assist, which started out as a formal solution for caregivers who may not always be home to tend to the beneficiaries, thus requiring the help of neighbours. Today, it has become a large neighbourhood-volunteer network accommodating to a larger variety of requests. Beyond the pandemic, SG Assist is refocusing their efforts on supporting their target beneficiaries, as a one stop care solution and micro-job platform.

The inspiration behind the SG Assist app is closely linked to Adrian and his family background. His mother’s 10-year journey against breast cancer had negative repercussions as she subsequently developed post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Throughout her recovery period, she heavily depended on Adrian and this affected his lifestyle as well.

He had to attend to her calls during work and often rushed home to take care of her. When it became too overwhelming to juggle both priorities at home and at work, he tried calling 995. However, because 995 is not meant for non-medical emergencies, he had to look for solutions elsewhere. That involved asking neighbours to check-in on his mom first, while he is making his way home.

Subsequently, together with fellow co-founders who experienced similar issues with their families, they created SG Assist.

SG Assist attributes the success to their founders, users and volunteers. As caregivers and low-mid income families themselves, the founders are also the beneficiaries of the very solution they've created. They made use of their personal experiences to create this solution, further improved by all the feedbacks given by the users and volunteers who are willing to go the extra miles to help.

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