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Jen runs Hopefull, a ground-up initiative that creates, gathers, and provides engaging educational resources for children and youths from low-income families by collaborating with their network of local expertise. Apart from monthly-themed Tinker kits that they send to 900 kids, they also curate and organize sporting activities and workshop opportunities for the communities they work with.

The initiative was formed during COVID-19. While the team has been actively volunteering with different organizations, they realised during the pandemic that the gap was exacerbated and needed to be filled. Beyond the basic provision of needs, there were few opportunities for many of these kids to have access to social and cultural capital. Jen decided to call up a few friends thinking they would step in and send a few kids a gift box, and Hopefull was born.

Here's what she has to say about what she attributes the success of her groundup to:
"The team had lots of hope, pun intended! Hopefull’s sincerity, positivity and can-do spirit helped them recruit over 40 volunteers and enabled them to forge partnerships with other SSAs and even corporates, which have allowed them to grow so rapidly. "

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