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Groundup Sandbox Judges

Meet our esteemed judges for Demo Day, all of whom are actively involved in the groundup space. Hear what they think about your pitches and tap on their experiences and wisdom to bring your idea to greater heights!

Dr William Wan.jpg


General Secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement

Dr. William Wan has always been active in community-based work and believes that kindness breeds kindness. Besides being the chief honcho of the Singapore Kindness Movement where he leads a team of talented young people in curating creative and impactful messaging to foster a kinder and more gracious society, he is also a consultant at Goodwins Law Corporation, has been appointed by the President of Singapore as the Justice of the Peace and is actively involved in several boards and committees of non-profit organisations. His wide-ranging experiences have also seen him practising law and managing a psychometric company. Not surprisingly, Dr. William Wan is a winner of the Active Ager Award (Council of the Third Age) 2011!  And in 2017, he was awarded the President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Award for the senior category. 

Yvonne Tay.jpg


Director of Social Impact, Temasek Trust

Yvonne grew her media career over 16 years first in print journalism and later as an international TV executive with Fox / National Geographic Channels in Singapore and in Hong Kong. In 2014, Yvonne decided to take a break from her corporate life and moved to Oxford, United Kingdom with her husband and 2 children. There, she drew on her business experience to start up her own company, Gofiee, an alternative-funding platform for creators of positive impact. Following her passion to support cause-worthy projects and ideas ‘to change the world’, she also co-founded Festival of Disruptors, a conference for change-makers, and a startup pitch platform Ten4Ten. She also volunteered with the International Justice Mission in UK and served on the Board of Trustees for WildAid UK. Upon returning home to Singapore in 2018, Yvonne committed to start a new chapter of her life contributing meaningfully to Singapore and its community, joining Temasek Trust as Director, Social Impact.

Charles Tan.jpg


Director of Philanthropy, The Majurity Trust

Charles is the Director of Philanthropy at The Majurity Trust, a Singapore-based philanthropic organisation that works with donors, charities and partners to build a thriving community for all. Prior to joining The Majurity Trust, Charles spent 7 years in NCSS, partnering widely with social service agencies, government and corporate stakeholders to convene strategic social service conversations and develop critical social programmes and services.

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