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Debra is the co-founder of Society Staples, a social enterprise that creates a more inclusive future for Persons with Disabilities through awareness and advocacy initiatives, community events as well as training and consultancy projects.

Growing up in Singapore, she was keenly aware of the differences in opportunities she had compared to her two brothers with Autism. Her experiences have shaped her to become a strong advocate for Persons with Disabilities and is at the forefront of advancing social inclusion.

Prior to Society Staples, she was the co-founder and coach of Deaf Dragons (a dragon boat team for the Deaf and Intellectually Challenged) which won various international and local competitions and secured a 3-year sponsorship with StarHub Sparks Fund. Currently, she also runs Different Dragons, a multiple disabilities dragon boat team that pushes boundaries by demonstrating how individuals across a range of disabilities can work together.

Her work has gained recognition on both local and regional fronts. Society Staples clinched the President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Start-up of the Year in 2015, the most prestigious award to recognise outstanding social enterprises that have created great social impact in Singapore. She also received the ASEAN-China Young Startup Entrepreneur’s award.

As a former national dragon boater, Debra used what she loved and did best — dragon boating — to help make Singapore become a more inclusive society for persons with disabilities.

She cares deeply about inequality and inclusion and is also interested in fostering tri-sector collaborations to create systemic impact.

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