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Shuet-Li is the Executive Director at Resilience Collective Limited, a charity in the mental health sector. Resilience Collective provides a platform where persons with a lived experience of a mental health conditions work with others to co-produce solutions to help themselves and others.

As a woman who juggles demands of her career and responsibilities as a mother and wife, Shuet-Li understands very well how a myriad of different factors can impact one’s mental well-being and why it is important to learn how to manage challenges and to be resilient. This life experience, her personal values and the want to help others, led her to the work at Resilience Collective.

As a board member and executive director at Resilience Collective, Shuet-Li is responsible for the operational running of the organisation and the development and implementation of strategic plans for the advancement of Resilience Collective's vision and mission. Her team applies principles of co-production to develops initiatives and effective solutions to support persons in recovery and at-risk of mental health challenges and to raise mental literacy in a bid to fight stigma.

Resilience Collective is supported by and works with various partners in the community space, such as the Institute of Mental Health, National Council of Social Services and Agency for Integrated Care.

Shuet-Li is passionate about helping the community as a whole. She believes that communities should be inclusive, and that individuals should not be discriminated against because of a mental health diagnosis. She supports the importance of giving voice to our peers, and that the lived experience of a mental health challenge is a unique resource of knowledge to be tapped on. She hopes that her efforts will mark a positive shift in the mindset of our community.

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