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Joel is a full-time social worker at TOUCH Integrated Family Group, a service group of TOUCH Community Services. He has been working with youths since 2015 through educational programmes, as well as engaging and providing counselling and intervention work for at-risk youths.

Together with his team at TOUCH, he developed and runs the mental health education programme for secondary schools, “Do You M.I.N.D.?”, which incorporates virtual reality components to educate youths in Singapore about the importance of mental wellness.

Prior to joining TOUCH as a staff, Joel has been a core volunteer for executing mental health initiatives, such as the mental health awareness campaign, Light of Hope, since 2015. Joel is a graduate from National University of Singapore, with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work.

He is passionate about seeing society embrace positive attitudes towards persons with mental illness. He believes that with adequate support from professionals and the community, these individuals can live life to their fullest potential.

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