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Li Woon Churdboonchart


A self-proclaimed introvert who loves a good laugh and is fiercely protective of family and friends. Armed with a passion to do good, Li Woon founded The Volunteer Switchboard in 2013, a social enterprise that focuses on meaningful volunteering experiences to nurture virtues and inspire mindful giving to sustain social impact.

The Volunteer Switchboard all began when a geeky banking operations executive "gently" arm wrestled her banking friends to embark on a road less travelled – to connect good people to the good causes that she genuinely cares about!

As CEO and Founder of The Volunteer Switchboard, Li Woon partners with various organisations to create impactful volunteering and giving opportunities for individuals and corporates. The Volunteer Switchboard works with these organisations to understand the needs of the targeted beneficiaries and design bite-size yet purposeful volunteering programmes to create sustainable impacts to the causes that they passionately believe in.

Li Woon is passionate in helping the children & youth, the elderly, as well as people with special needs and underprivileged families. Armed with a genuine passion to do good, she hopes that she will be able to rally the people around her to pay it forward!

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