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Rachel is the Associate General Secretary (Partnerships) at the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM). SKM is a non-profit organisation that executes public education programs aimed at cultivating kindness and graciousness in Singapore as a society.

Rachel’s responsibility at SKM is to raise and support Ground-Up Movements (GUMs) – working closely with individuals and groups on their projects to ensure that the key message of kindness is promoted to different communities in Singapore.

Besides supporting GUMs, her work also includes developing creative events on a national level, formulating engagement strategies with SKM’s kindness ambassadors and developing sustainable meaningful partnerships for collaborations with public agencies.

Rachel is passionate about crafting. She has been designing, crafting and making things since she was a little girl. She loves the process of visualising and turning ideas into reality. She derives joy from learning about the process of creating beautiful things. Initially there is a fear of failure then a huge excitement, then fear and frustration along the way, but eventually, satisfaction and contentment that the creative process brings… then she gets bored and start all over again with another project!

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