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Groundup Sandbox NVPC Team

These are the folks behind Groundup Sandbox 2021! Besides scrutinising every detail to ensure everyone has a great Groundup Sandbox experience, the team also doubles as mentors to supplement knowledge of the groundup space!



See someone running around during Groundup Sandbox, armed with two cameras? That’s Jannelle! Besides being the photographer-designate, she also assists with creating some of the visuals you see, such as the welcome signage ✌️ Day-to-day, she’s mainly involved in writing and social media, chatting with the everyday heroes of our lives to learn and share about their stories. Prior to being at NVPC, Jannelle has dabbled here and there in the media and hospitality industries. She’s passionate about youth and children, and is a huuuge fan of bubble tea (ask her about her fave bbt brand!).

jing ying.png


A familiar name to participants, Jing Ying manages and coordinates the execution of the Groundup Sandbox sessions to ensure everyone gets the most valuable and beneficial experience out of it! Her past experiences in events coordination, business development and being a master of ceremonies for events 🎤 has helped sharpen her interpersonal communication skills and the ability to problem solve when needs arise. She cares deeply about animal welfare and causes related to children and youth from less privileged families, and believes in taking an empathy-driven approach to social issues.

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The brain behind the design and delivery of Groundup Sandbox, Si Ying’s always on the hunt for ways to design better solutions for the team – just like what you’d expect from a sports junkie 😉 Before NVPC, Si Ying’s work revolved mainly around the construction industry. She enjoys helping others and putting a smile on their faces through random acts of kindness, and takes on various volunteering opportunities close to her heart such as mentoring children from low-income families through the Care Corner Family Service Centre in Tampines.



Michele heads the Groundup Central team in NVPC. After 17 years of experience in the government sector, she decided to switch to the non-profit sector. She helped to start a social enterprise and joined NVPC in 2016. Michele loves animals 🐱 and believes that there is room to grow, but we can learn to live in harmony with mother nature.



Now into his second run of Groundup Sandbox, Kai takes on the role of handyman in the team! He leverages on his learned experiences to help guide the team, plugging any gaps that appear along the way. An accountant by training and a social strategist by profession, Kai spends most of his time in NVPC working on groundup engagement and strategy – when he isn’t running off concocting new ideas, that is. In his previous life, Kai’s passion for dogs took him on a four-year journey where he experienced (and enjoyed!) the daily grind of starting and running a pet bakery business 🐶

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