Groundup Features: Project Audible Cheer

Skye from Project Audible Cheer with a beneficiary

In this edition of Groundup Features, we speak to Skye, founder of Project Audible Cheer, and find out what kick-started her giving journey and the inspiration behind her initiative.

1. Hello Skye, please share with us about your giving journey!

I shifted from retail therapy to being mindful of the impact of our choices and actions, practicing a sustainable lifestyle. Community work is a natural progression – as I met more individuals concerned with helping and less focused on meeting their own wants, more concrete opportunities to help arose.

2. Why were you inspired to start Project Audible Cheer?

My mom is a music aficionado, so I grew up with music. As dad grew older, he also turned to music for comfort. Project Audible Cheer made sense – to gift MP3 portable radio sets to vulnerable and non-digitally-savvy elderly.

3. What keeps you going?

Friends and acquaintances have sprung up to support this project, contributing their time and talents. Their cheer and firm support are the wind beneath my wings, motivating me to persevere through challenges.

4. Lastly, how do you hope your initiative builds a city of good?

Music is Food for the Soul! Project Audible Cheer strives to meet lonely seniors’ mental and emotional needs. We hope the sounds of yesteryear bring daily nostalgic comfort and cheer, reducing their sense of isolation and loneliness.

* This feature has been edited for clarity

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