Improved productivity means less human sweat so don't wait any further. Check out this list of options and tools available for you and be a master of your minutes today. 



An internal collaboration and communication tool that includes chat, calendar, cloud storage and app integration all on a single platform. There's even attendance tracking and livestreaming functions! Do more with Lark's business suite today for free. 

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Planning for your next groundup event to be virtual or a hybrid set up? Get access to Groundup Central's Zoom plan that allows for up to 300 participants and breakout rooms, all without having to worry about the meeting duration limit!



If people form the gears of a groundup, then their ability to communicate must surely be the grease. Whether coordinating activities over text, dropping a call to say hello to those that you serve or reaching out to engage your supporters on social media, be empowered to do more with exclusive mobile phone data plans for groundups and your volunteers.