Groundup Central Logo Kit

Groundup Central Logo Kit

Available on request


Member exclusive

Would like to share with the world that you're a Groundup Central member, and by extension, a ground-up initiative benefitting the local community that has undergone a due diligence process consisting of an application submission, an interview and observation of an actual activity conducted? Get access to our logo kit for your publicity usage and open doors to more opportunities!

For Groundup Central members who would like to use the Groundup Central logo in your collaterals, please express your interest below.


Please also read the logo usage guide prior to submitting your request. The Groundup Central team will send the high-resolution logo upon request, after which any artwork bearing the logo will have to be approved by Groundup Central before publication.

Terms & Conditions:

Groundup Central reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate or modify permission to display the logo, and may request organisations to modify or delete any use of the logo that:

(i) does not comply with these guidelines, and/or

(ii) misrepresent the brand of Groundup Central and/or

(iii) has violations to laws and regulations.


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