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Greater credibility when forming partnerships


Unlock resources available only to members


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  • Groundups that have already started executing their initiative in the community

  • Not involved in any litigation or regulatory infraction at the point of application

  • Based in Singapore and benefitting local causes


  • Access to our network of partners

  • Usage of the Groundup Central logo in your collaterals

  • Invitations to limited-capacity programmes and events

  • First dibs on the many opportunities that come our way

  • Access to resources exclusively for members


  • One year, renewable annually


  • None!


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Indicate your interest by hitting the 'Apply now' button and filling in a short form


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Step 3:

Take us to your next activity, because nothing says it better than experiencing it ourselves


Check out the FAQs below or get in touch with us!


Why is Groundup Central (and by extension, NVPC) running a membership for groundups?

In the years we've spent working with groundups and understanding their needs, one common problem was their perceived lack of credibility when approaching more established organisations to collaborate and partner. We want to help bridge that gap, so that those who are passionate and capable of helping build a city of good together with us are empowered to live their mission to the fullest potential. And no, we're not here to police or dictate how groundups should be run, nor are we here to audit or govern them.

I'm still not sure whether my initiative is considered a groundup. How do I tell?

A groundup is a self-organised group that voluntarily carries out a non-profit initiative to positively impact society. If this sounds like you, then apply now to have a chat with us so that we can find out more!

What are my chances of success if I apply for my groundup to be a member?

We look for a certain level of demonstrated competence and resilience, and above all, pure and positive intentions to benefit the society through action. How that looks manifests differently for each groundup, so we're not hung up on setting rigid criteria around it. But fret not, most of you passionate folks will do just fine, so just apply away! Sidenote: we reserve the right to terminate successful applications at any time for any reasons at our sole discretion, including any breaches of the law by the groundup or any of the members associated with it.

Why is the validity period only one year?

We recognise that groundups are nimble and fluid, and directions can change very quickly. The one year timeframe ensures the information that we have remains relevant, as our network of partners rely on this information.

I run multiple groundups. Can my membership for one groundup be applied to another?

Firstly, thank you for being so active and amazing! Membership is specific to the context of the groundup and not the individual. Any successful applications are non-transferrable and you'll have to apply for each groundup separately.

What happens when my membership validity is about to expire?

One month before the validity expires, we'll be in touch to kickstart the renewal process!

Access to all these resources and it's free to join. What's the catch?

There isn't one! We're paid to support your journey of doing good, and that's all there is to it, really. Sounds like a dream job? Check out our career opportunities here.

I understand that it's free to be a member of Groundup Central. Are there any hidden fees involved?

Rest assured, there are no hidden fees involved! We're just here to do our best to nurture a culture of giving and other-centeredness in Singapore. While it's completely free to join, do note though that some of our partners listed on the platform may levy nominal fees for their resource offerings.

I have a question that I can't find the answer to. Help!

Fret not! Get in touch with us and let's chat :)

The application process sounds really simple. What do I have to prepare?

We're committed to not bog down groundups with paperwork and endless administrative tasks in order to get verified. After all, the essence and beauty of a groundup is the informal, organic nature and the work that you do - and we accept that messiness is part of that package. So we've chosen to operate on a basis of trust, and all we ask is that you be transparent with us. And don't be too worried over the questions that we'll be asking - there shouldn't be anything that you don't already know.